Reason to buy Used Servers

Reason to Invest in Pre-Owned Servers.
Have a restricted IT budget but in need of premium performance servers? No problem. By investing in refurbished pre-owned servers, you are able to secure much higher specifications for a much lower cost. Additionally, you have the opportunity to personalize your server to suit your particular needs and requirements. With thousands of possible options to configure your server, you are no longer limited to what OEMs and distributors offer. By selecting a refurbished server, you are presented with all these options in a more accessible and cost-efficient way. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about making multiple calls to OEM-certified distributors just to acquire a quote or verify the availability of a certain server - you can simply create a custom configuration online and start designing your specs without hassle.
Opt for More Environmentally Friendly Practices.
Electronic waste has been increasingly gaining attention, leading to several rules and regulations requiring companies and customers to practice more responsible methods of disposing of their electronics. Leading electronics refurbishing firms are held to a certain standard in terms of the disposal of electronic waste and are thus audited annually to ensure they comply. By opting to purchase pre-owned servers from well-known brands such as Dell or HP, you are aiding in reducing electronic waste as these servers will receive a new lease on life instead of ending up in a landfill. This can also have the added benefit of minimizing the environmental impact of electronic products as they will have a longer lifespan.
Faster Lead Times.
Another great benefit to purchasing pre-owned servers is the faster lead times. Purchases are usually ready to be shipped within the day, or even on the same day of purchase, if needed. This is drastically different from new servers, as the lead times tend to be very long even when the server is in stock.
Ready-Made Spare Parts and Trouble-Free Returns.
Additionally, buying refurbished servers makes it much easier for you to acquire spare parts as these can be shipped to you as quickly as you can make the purchase. Not to mention, these spare parts are offered at a much lower cost than those from a new purchase. You will also typically have between 30 and 90 days, depending on the vendor, to return the product. This makes returns much more straightforward and less costly, as compared to new purchases where the process of approval and return of products can be complicated and time-consuming.
Minimizing Shipping Costs.
Last but not least, most sellers across different US platforms offer free shipping when it comes to refurbished products. This is highly beneficial since servers tend to be quite bulky and shipping can be costly. New purchases however, tend to incur additional fees related to shipping and handling which can significantly add up. With pre-owned servers, the shipping fees are usually included in the cost or at least quoted at the exact cost (with no additional costs imposed by the reseller).